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  • Wide variety of loans for new and used vehicles, as well as motorcycles and RVs
  • You’ll always receive a competitive rate—with no application fee*
  • No down payment is required. Sales tax, excise tax, and license fees can be incorporated into the loan balance
  • Ask for your free CARFAX® report when you finance a used vehicle
  • Apply on the go with Liberty’s smart phone loan application

At Liberty Financial, we offer all of the features you’re looking for in an auto loan. Apply online or contact us at 1 (833) 226-4007 to get started!


Loan Payment Protection Products – Enjoy group rates on various coverage types.

Save on Life and Disability Protection

Low-cost life and disability payment protection can be purchased to assist you and your family with loan payments should you die or become disabled.

Save on GAP Insurance

Many Americans owe more on their car than it’s currently worth. In the event of an accident that totals the car, the insurance settlement wouldn’t even cover the amount owed. That’s why you need GAP–Guaranteed Asset Protection.

Save on Mechanical Repair Coverage

Are you uncomfortable with the possibility of unexpected repair costs? Get the extra protection you need with Mechanical Repair Coverage from Liberty. Take a look at our low-cost options!

For more information about MEMBER’S CHOICE Mechanical Repair Coverage or GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) protection, contact our call center today at 1 (833) 226-4007 , or send your request here.

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You can apply online or by phoning our lending call center at 1 (833) 226-4007. Apply Today
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