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Mortgages Pre-Approval

Pre- Pre-Approval – Five Steps to Help You Get Approved

You’ve probably heard the (admittedly smart) advice from many–”Make sure you get pre-approved before you begin shopping for a home!” or “Don’t think about putting in an offer on a house without a pre-approval letter in hand.” However, getting pre-approved may seem like a tricky matter and the idea a bit overwhelming. In reality, preapproval is […]

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First Time Home Buyers Mortgages Pre-Approval Purchasing a Home

Why Get Pre-Approved?

“Oh, I’ll just wait until I find a house and take care of the financing then…” That could be the one phrase that comes back to haunt you one day. Working in the mortgage industry, I hear from all types of homebuyers—from those who have 20-year plans to those who like living life by the […]

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