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First Time Home Buyers Mortgages Purchasing a Home

What’s the Mortgage Process Actually Like?

So, you think you’re ready to buy a home? You can probably imagine how the process of choosing a home and even moving into it will go. However, do you know what to expect from the mortgage process? We’ve broken it down into some simplified steps so you can have a better idea of what […]

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First Time Home Buyers Loans Mortgages

How Can I Afford a Home Loan?

Whether you are thinking about getting away from that less-than-wonderful rental or you just feel that it is time to start thinking about the future, buying a house can be a great solution. However, few things in life are scarier than the idea of a mortgage. After all, this is an obligation that you CANNOT […]

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Financing First Time Home Buyers Mortgages

Are You Ready? A Quick Financial Quiz for Those Considering a Home Loan

You’ve read all about mortgages online. You’ve talked to your friends, family members or perhaps your significant other. You may have even asked your financial advisor for advice. However, you are still not sure if you are ready to buy a home and lock yourself in to years of house payments. This is understandable! Buying […]

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Community First Time Home Buyers Mortgages

Tiny Home or Mansion? Shopping for Homes that Match your Lifestyle

Spend a little time browsing cable TV and you are sure to find a program that features a young professional, newly married couple or perhaps a pair of retirees looking to buy a new home. The real estate agent takes the buyer out to tour homes and thirty minutes later; the buyer has found the […]

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Cash Out Refinance Mortgages Refinance

Refinancing – Making Dreams a Reality

If you have a mortgage on your current home, you probably receive offers for “refinancing” your loan on a regular basis. The offers vary, and the messages you receive may look and sound different from each other. Refinancing—that means going through a lot of effort, right? Is it worth it? In many cases, yes; it […]

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First Time Home Buyers Loans Mortgages

Find a Home First? Get a Loan First? – What Should I Do?

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make. There are so many details to think about and you have a lot on your mind! The first thing you need to do is find the home of your dreams, and then work out the details, right? Actually, there is a better way […]

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First Time Home Buyers Mortgages Student Debt

So You Have Student Debt – Does This Mean You’re Stuck In a Rental?

Student debt can be overwhelming for many individuals. Whether you are 22 and just out of college or you decided to pursue a higher degree, education today is not cheap. Therefore, it is quite likely that you will finish your schooling with a degree in hand and debt on your mind. What does student debt […]

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First Time Home Buyers Loan Officers Mortgages

The Importance of a Good Loan Officer – Yes, It Matters!

When you decide to buy a home, who makes it happen? Who is in charge of the magic that drives the sale? If you said the real estate agent, you would be wrong! While a real estate agent is very important in the purchase or sale of a home, they don’t make the magic happen. […]

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Loans Mortgages

Common Loans – Understanding the Basics

With all of the different loans available today, it can be overwhelming to try to understand exactly what is available. Even worse, how do you choose what type of loan is right for you? Though every person has unique needs when it comes to lending, this guide can help you start looking in the right […]

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Debt Consolidation Mortgages Refinance

Do and Don’t of Debt Consolidation

The concept of debt consolidation is attractive to many people. After all, if you have numerous debts, trying to pay every bill every month can be a challenge. In addition, firms that specialize in debt consolidation loans make the loans sound appealing. While consolidation of your debt is often a good idea, in some cases, […]

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