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How Your Credit Score Impacts a Home Loan

If you’ve considered buying a home, you know that many things affect your ability to get a home loan. However, you are likely very concerned about your credit score and how it will impact your home loan. We’ve put together some information about this, so you’ll know what to expect as you start the home […]

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Budgeting Credit Credit Repair Mortgages Purchasing a Home

Who are You on Paper?

To your friends, you are the funny guy or girl that everyone likes to invite to the party. To your parents, you are the one who can do no wrong. To your cat, you are “the one with the food.” However, who are you to lenders, creditors, and banks? Who are you on paper? We […]

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Budgeting Credit Repair

Credit Repair – The Basics

In most cases, purchasing a home involves obtaining a mortgage. To qualify for the amount needed for the home you desire and the best rates, you will need a solid credit score. This number will vary from case to case, but no matter what the number, it never hurts to improve your current standing. We’ve […]

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