2020 Board Nominee Info


Wayne Kinney

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for a position on the Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union Board. I have had the pleasure to work with many of the services and quality staff members over the years. Having grown up with both my parents being teachers and my father serving on the board, I feel I have a solid understanding of the demands of this position.

As ETFCU continues to expand their services and service area, my background in growing companies should be of value. I feel I understand the current services being offered to the membership and want to assist in looking at how technology might be able to be expanded.

Throughout my years of being a member of ETFCU, I have observed a high degree of professionalism exhibited by the quality staff. As a board member, I would continue to support the professionalism by supporting staff development to make ETFCU the employer of choice in our community.

I would appreciate your support in the upcoming election. Thank you.



Ed Kirk

Thanks to your continued support. I’ve had the privilege and honor of representing all of you as a member of the Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union Board of Directors for nearly thirty years. Serving for more than 40 years in various positions in education including classroom teacher, coach, science coordinator, and principal of elementary and middle schools gave me the unique opportunity to listen and find out what customers want and expect from a service provider. Many people like things to stay the same while others like everything brand new. Others, myself included, like the best of both worlds. I’ve always liked and supported having choices where the credit union member is concerned. I like to go into the branch but there are times when the drive-thru teller, drop box, ATM, or online are more convenient. I can’t imagine doing without the convenience of online services, especially after branch hours and on weekends.

With the support of your vote, I will continue to help all of us share in the benefits from the tradition of excellence in financial services and products offered by Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union’s team of financial professionals.



Carol Koehler

I have served on the ETFCU Board since 2001. These years have been a time of great change and great challenge. We have worked to respond to the financial demands of the modern world and to retain the values we have held since our beginning.

We now have thousands of members. We started as a group of teachers in Evansville who banded together to help each other invest and borrow. Now our credit union family includes people who work in businesses and organizations in many communities in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

I believe the task of the Board is to provide a financial home for all our members by offering the services we need now and anticipating future needs. Board members are required to participate in annual financial training session to keep abreast of the new requirements we must follow and the new products and services we can offer to our members.

I am currently serving as Chairman of the Scholarship Committee. We offer ten scholarships annually to children of our members. Recently I championed the development of the Vintage Club to honor our long-term members with special services.

I believe in credit unions. We are “people helping people”.



Ken Wempe

My personal and professional work as mathematics teacher, contact teacher, and school administrator has been a valuable asset. Being a member and Chairman of the ETFCU Board of Directors has been a challenging and rewarding experience. To be able to work with other volunteers and serve the membership in a positive way has been a major goal. I know the responsibility of making policies and programs that benefit all members economically is vital.

The professionalism of this organization and the care and concern for the membership is second to none! I feel very fortunate to have served with this wonderful team! As a board member, I always have the best interest of everyone in mind. My approach is always to be open and honest. Thank you for your continued confidence and support in representing you on the ETFCU Board of Directors.