Newsweek ranks Liberty Financial’s Vertical Checking as best in nation

Newsweek named Vertical Checking, an exclusive offering from Liberty Financial, as the No. 1 option for checking account holders throughout the nation.

The national news site included Liberty Financial on its list of America’s Best Banks of 2022, and rated Vertical Checking as the nation’s Best High-Yield Checking Account among more than 5,000 credit unions.

Newsweek cited Vertical Checking’s high interest rate of 3.30% APY, plus reimbursement of up to $15 per month on foreign ATM fees. Vertical Checking is a free account, and interest is paid on any deposit amount up to $20,000, returning as much as $56 per month to participants.

“A stellar payout was a must-have for this category, which is all about earning top interest rates,” the news site reported. “Current and historical interest rates were weighed most heavily, but fees for monthly maintenance, ATMs and overdrafts were also considered to ensure you actually reap the full benefit of those high interest payouts.”

The credit union is attracting national attention at an increasing rate. Liberty Financial’s Vertical Checking has been listed in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance among its list of the nation’s Top Checking Accounts each month since July 2020. Earlier this year, the account was named the nation’s Best Checking Account for Debit Users by Investopedia. The company also honored Liberty Financial as America’s Best Credit Union for Checking on its list of Best Credit Unions of 2021.