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Tiny Home or Mansion? Shopping for Homes that Match your Lifestyle

Spend a little time browsing cable TV and you are sure to find a program that features a young professional, newly married couple or perhaps a pair of retirees looking to buy a new home. The real estate agent takes the buyer out to tour homes and thirty minutes later; the buyer has found the perfect place to call home—granite countertops and all.

It’s not quite that easy in “real life.” Most of us have many things to consider when buying a home. In fact, the first decision is often whether a “traditional” single-family home is the right choice, or if something like a condo, townhouse, duplex, manufactured, tiny house or something entirely different would be a better fit. We know that there are a LOT of things to think about when you choose the place you will call home. Here are a few things you will want to consider.

  • Location – You can’t change that (easily.) Where the home is located is vital to your appreciation. You want somewhere convenient, safe and welcoming.
  • Size – How big of a house do you need or want? The couple that wants to try tiny house living is probably not going to want a 3,500 square foot home. At the same time, a family with eight children and three dogs may not find the 800 square foot townhome very inviting.
  • Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms – A home with a good fit will have a good amount of bedrooms/bathrooms for your family.
  • Basement (or Not) – Do you want a basement? There are benefits, but it can add cost and upkeep effort.
  • Garage Space – How many cars will you be storing. Do you use your garage for anything else?
  • HOA – You’ll be dealing with the HOA (home owners association) if your community has one. Find out the rules and regulations before you sign any paperwork.
  • Neighborhood – The neighborhood itself is an important consideration. Do you feel comfortable there? Is this a place you will want to spend time?
  • School District – If you have children, or plan to have them one day, the school district is vital. Research this.
  • Can You Add On? – Having the ability to add on to the home may be an issue one day. Think about if you needed to move an elderly parent or grandparent into your home. What if you wanted to add an office?
  • Yard – Is the yard big enough? Is it too big? Does it have change to curb appeal?
  • Extras – Finally, think about the extras. While you can add granite countertops and wood floors later, you may save money by finding a home that has some of your desires already.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when buying a new home! At Liberty Financial we want to take one thing off your mind; the mortgage. Call or contact us and let us help you with that detail—so you can focus on finding the home of your dreams.