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So, You’re a Homeowner… Now What

Once you have finally closed on your house, and the movers have arrived with all your belongings, what should you do? Is it time to find the best Thai takeout in the neighborhood and then fall into a carb-induced coma and save unpacking for tomorrow? While that can certainly be tempting, there are a few other crucial tasks you should complete before you break the seal on the first box.

  • Change Your Locks – The locks on the door may be perfectly secure, but who knows how many people have had the key in the past. Changing the locks is a simple step, but it goes a long way towards making you secure and helping you feel secure too.
  • Check for Damage  Walk through your home and yard and look for any signs of unexpected damage. If anything has changed since the inspection, it could be a problem. You may not be responsible for this damage, and you will need to reach out to your agent about what the next step should be.
  • Document Everything – Taking photos of every room, before you add your furniture and hang your pictures is a vital step. It can help you visualize the base of the home in the future. Additionally, if there IS any damage (as noted in the previous step), you will need proof to make certain you are adequately compensated by the previous owner.
  • Figure Out the Trash Situation – If there is any certainty, it is that any move generates trash. Take a few moments to figure out where your trash is supposed to go. Do you need to take it to the corner? Do you set out the can on a particular day? These are important things to know.
  • Find Your Need to Know Spots – Do you know where the nearest hospital is? How about a police station? You will also want to locate the grocery store, library and potentially schools. Take a few moments to locate these destinations so that you could find them in a hurry—if need be.
  • Make a List of Further Things to Do – Depending on how far you moved; you may have many tasks on your to-do list. Make sure you don’t forget anything. Will you need a new Driver’s License or registration for your car? What about voter registration? Take a few moments to create a list of things that need to be done over the next few days.
  • Once you have completed the above tasks, you are ready for the next BIG job—unpacking.

Maybe it is time to order that Thai food and take a quick break. In the meantime, remember that if you have any questions regarding your mortgage that your lender is there for you even after the deal is closed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Liberty Financial. We want to make the buying, move-in, and payback processes as simple and streamlined as they can be.