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Making an Offer on Your Dream Home

The holidays are here, and before we know it will 2015. With the New Year approaching fast, some of us are getting itchy feet and are ready to purchase their first home. A new home for the New Year sounds great… but you definitely don’t want to make any decisions you’re not 100% happy with in order to buy that dream home. I know when I first set out to purchase my dream home one thing I was always nervous about was negotiating. Sadly, I was not born a salesperson. I need help when a big deal is on the line and my first home was a big deal! I just wanted to have the best price and to move-in quickly.

So like many people after I found my dream home, I was fearfully asking, “what’s next?” Luckily, I downloaded Liberty Financial’s convenient Homebuyer’s Guide which informed me and prepared me to make an offer. I learned once you have found the home of your dreams, a purchase agreement will be written. Although this is in most part a standard agreement, there are a few areas of negotiation, such as price and move-in date

Just as I did, I hope you download the Homebuyer’s Guide this season. It prepared me step by step. When my offer was accepted I was already knew to schedule the home inspection because according to the Homebuyer’s Guide this was the next step in the process. Nothing beats knowing what to expect when you’re about to make one of the biggest purchases of your life!

Have a wonderful holiday and I hope you can enter the New Year with confidence!

-Homeowner Hannah