Budgeting First Time Home Buyers Mortgages

How to Find the Right Home, The First Time

Who knew there were so many factors in finding the right home?  Certainly not me!  Sure, I had an idea of what I wanted and where I’d like to live, but wow, there are so many other things to consider when purchasing a new home.

A home is about more than the number of bedrooms or bathrooms; it is also about how you feel in your home.  We are all unique individuals and finding the home that speaks to who you are can be difficult. The great news is, the price tag won’t be the factor you’re obsessed with the most.  Sure, having a marble bathroom, a marble kitchen, marble floors and 200 acres of land would be great. But am I a turn of the millennia wealthy Roman senator? NO! I like quaint old houses, I like updated bathrooms and I love having a nice size yard for my dog. You’d really be surprised by the selection of houses out there, which have exactly what you’re looking for, within your budget.

So, when I first started out on my journey I used Liberty Financial’s Homebuyer’s Guide which has many useful tools, and a very a handy home buying  wish list questionnaire to complete.

Some great questions I never would have asked include:

  • What makes you comfortable in your current home? Is there anything in particular you’d like to duplicate?
  • Do you have any children? What are their ages, interests and activities?
  • When you imagine your dream home, what do you see? What images come to mind?

I found the Homebuyer’s Guide to be an invaluable asset. I easily prepared for my meeting with a Liberty Financial mortgage banker by completing the worksheets provided in their Homebuyer’s Guide, and therefore, I was better able to understand my goals. I recommend anyone looking to purchase a home take a moment to download and read through the guide, it will help you focus on important factors involved in the purchasing process.

Homeowner Hannah