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Home Renovation Inspiration

homerenoHome renovations are all the craze right now and we’re really enjoying the trend. Renovations are an excellent way to turn an eyesore into a palace. Liberty Financial makes home renovations possible through Home Equity Line of Credit services*. It’s one of the stress-free ways to transform your home!

Who’s ready for some home renovation inspiration? We are!

We’d like to introduce ourselves, Liberty Financial home renovation inspiration experts, Emma and John.  We recently purchased John’s childhood home and we’re ready to transform our house in to the family home of our dreams. If you think you must have renovation experience to make your renovations, you’re wrong. Neither of us have loads of renovation experience; just a lot of motivation.

Let us introduce the specifications of our home. This single-family, two story, home was built in 1987, has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, 3,000 square feet and 1.25 acres. It’s a wood framed house with an asphalt roof and has a pool detached from the house. The specifications of the house make for an awesome canvas. Get ready to follow our home renovation journey! We’ll share with you tips on how to renovate your home and increase the value of your home! If you’re itching to renovate your home, reach out to Liberty Financial to learn more about their Home Equity Line of Credit services.

*Subject to credit approval. Collateral restrictions may apply. Adequate property insurance is required for all home equity lines of credit. Actual interest rate may vary based on credit history.