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Home Renovation Inspiration: What to Look for in an Independent Contractor

It can be really hard to find an independent contractor that is reliable and that you can trust. We have gone through a handful of contractors and we understand how hard it can be to find quality workmanship. If you’re like us and you’re renovating your home by yourself, one independent contractor to help can make a BIG difference!

We found our independent contractor, Harry, after a long series of searching. A family friend referred Harry to us during a conversation, recalling how our last contractor wouldn’t show up to work on time. We scheduled a mini interview with Harry and he was hired! We’re so grateful for the referral and Harry has been a BIG asset to our renovation process. Let’s just say that he’ll be on our Christmas list for years to come!

Harry checks every box we could ever hope for in a contractor. If you’re looking for an independent contractor but not sure what qualities they should have then we have you covered:

  • Make sure your independent contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. This is first on the list because it is the most important quality to consider. If your contractor gets hurt on your property you want to make sure that they are insured. On the flipside, the contractor will want to make sure they are insured if they should cause damage to your property. This isn’t something we recommend skipping over. You can go a step further and ask your contractor to sign a release that would prevent them from suing you if they should ever get hurt. You can find documents such as these at
  • References are also super important. Your contractor should be really proud of their work and totally comfortable with providing a couple of references. We encourage you to call the references and ask questions such as quality of work, reliability, attitude, etc.
  • Talk about the work you have in mind before hiring. You’ll want to make sure that your contractor is totally versed on the work you are requesting them to complete. If your contractor doesn’t specialize in electrical work then we don’t recommend that you be the guinea pig because they are giving you a low offer on the job.
  • Make sure you and the independent contractor are transparent in terms of cost. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions in this area. Questions to ask would be: Does this quote include materials? Does this quote include labor?

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