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Home Renovation Inspiration : Single Basin Sink

ssWe’re so glad that we can team up with Liberty Financial and share with you our home renovation process! John and I never saw us as home renovation people but the next thing we knew, we were having date nights at the hardware store. We’re not sure who we’ve become but if it’s on the road to Chip & Joanna Gaines, we’re ok with that!

One thing we love about our home is our big and spacious kitchen. It’s has plenty of cabinet space, drawers and countertop space. We have plans to paint the cabinets a different color (can you spot the test color?) and remove one portion of the wall and cabinets to make a bar on the opposite side, but that’s for later down the road. One thing I really wanted to do was fix the sink. The sink that was initially in the kitchen was older, white and seemed so small. One trip down the kitchen sink section at the hardware store and we found the perfect sink.

It’s a single basin, stainless steel sink. What I love the most about this sink is the single basin. Now that we have a one basin, we can’t imagine what a double basin sink would feel like besides clutter. We’re big on keeping the kitchen clean and free from clutter and a single basin sink makes that happen. The dishes can lay flat in the sink and appear to be more organized when there is a heap load of dishes to clean. The kitchen is the main hub for our family so a clean and organized kitchen is important to us (especially me since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen).

sinkLiberty Financial makes it easy for home renovations to happen with their Home Equity Line of Credit services. Updating the sink in your kitchen could make a huge difference and at the cost of less than $300 (depending on the sink you choose, of course). The kitchen is where a lot of family memories are created and conversations begin. Spend more time enjoying your family and less time feeling cluttered in your kitchen! Louisville, KY homeowners should consider Liberty Financial if you’re considering renovating your home! Our loan officers would love to chat with you about your options!

These before and after pictures speak for themselves, don’t you think?